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Murrayshall, Scone, Perth

Murrayshall Hotel is situated high up above the town of Scone with splendid views overlooking the golf course.  A classic wedding venue inside and out with ample wedding photography opportunities.

Murrayshall wedding-108.jpg
Murrayshall wedding-113.jpg
Murrayshall wedding-114.jpg
Murrayshall wedding-112.jpg
Murrayshall wedding-111.jpg
Murrayshall wedding-106.jpg
Murrayshall wedding-110.jpg
Murrayshall wedding-116.jpg
Murrayshall wedding-104.jpg
Murrayshall wedding-102.jpg
Murrayshall wedding-109.jpg
Murrayshall wedding-103.jpg
Dunkeld House-127.jpg
Dunkeld House-109.jpg
Dunkeld House-104.jpg
Dunkeld House-107.jpg
Dunkeld House-126.jpg
Dunkeld House-102.jpg
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