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Portraiture & Family Photography Perthshire


Portraiture photography offers a glimpse into a moment, a person, and a soul. A very intimate form of photography, Fordyce captures these shots in a way that honors the essence of the subject.


From outdoor settings such as the local highlands to the manipulated light of a studio session, your portrait can be captured in whichever location you desire. With a pre-session meeting or verbalised planning, Fordyce will create a unique look and style based on the individual. 


Neil is always looking for new opportunities and challenges, welcoming those who seek something a little different from their portraiture session. He is happy to discuss any ideas that you have, however far out you may think they are.



Doesn’t time fly? If anyone knows this, it’s Neil. Being a family man, Fordyce understands just how quickly your little ones can become not-so-little-ones, and just how important family portraits are in capturing these moments in time.


From newborn to crawling to taking those teetering first steps - Neil offers an all-inclusive package to take in those precious milestones.

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